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I Still Shoot Film 'Cuz Film Is Not Dead - But Damn, It's Time Consuming

Wouldn't it be nice to have one place to both manage and display your analog film assets? I shoot analog film and my hybrid analog-digital workflow is all over the place. Sites for sharing (who owns that image now?), other sites for tech discussion, still more sites for professional development, portfolios and, of course, another process for embedding and managing exif data. I just want to scan and store my assets and have the exif data automagically update everywhere. Oh, and only through a secure private cloud.

My hope is that what works for me also works for you to meet the demands of analog media.

Exif Studio has significant costs and I refuse to place ads for revenue. Membership is offered by subscription only. I am not interested kickstarter type fundraising. To join as an early adopter and beta tester, please call or txt. - Kelley Graham